Senior Yoga Class



St. James offers a variety of activities for adults, throughout the year

Due to COVID, some of our activities have been suspended, however below is a listing of activities that we host at St. James.

Adult Yoga Classes

Check back soon for new classes

St. James is proud to offer Adult Yoga classes for a multiple ages and abilities. 

Our resident Yoga instructor, Katherine Remmert, is a favorite among our participants, and tailors each class to suit the needs of the group as a whole. 

Classes are typically offered on Wednesdays at Noon or 1:00pm. 

Check back soon for more information about Yoga at St. James! 

Adult Volleyball

Check back soon for more times

St. James Adult Volleyball opportunities are led by Diane Holmes. These sessions are a fun and active outlets for the participants!

Practice times are on hold for the time being. Please check back soon for more possible openings. 

Sewing Basics Mini Course

Check back soon for more classes

A fun introduction to sewing terms and procedures using "mini" sized American Girls Doll patterns. 

In this class, we make apparel and accessories in smaller sizes so that the emphasis is on learning in a equally condensed amount of time. 

Focus on how to cut out and sew retail patterns as well as cutting out projects using dimensions as you would for home decorating projects. 

Cooking Classes

New Classes coming soon

Join the star chef for St. James Wednesday Night Supper, Rachel Carbley, to learn new cooking techniques and recipes! 

Best part about this class is that you get to go home with dinner for four already prepared and ready to heat and serve!